Sevim Ak’s influence on children’s literature was discussed at Istanbul Book Fair

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Can Çocuk Publishing organized an event titled “Sevim Ak’s Contribution to Turkish Children’s Literature” at the 30. Istanbul Book Fair, with participations of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Necdet Neydim, Prof. Dr. Selahattin Dilidüzgün ve Semra Tamyürek.

Selahattin Dilidüzgün began his opening speech stating that this meeting was long overdue and one of the milestones of Turkish Children Literature.  After his opening speech, Semra Tanyürek argued that the characters created by Sevim Ak weren’t perfect children, but in fact were children amongst us, from real life. That’s why children become part of her books while reading them. She claimed that Sevim Ak introduces children with a global point of view, while enriching our lives with her notions of respect for life, multiculturalism and personal differences.

Necdet Neydim observed Sevim Ak’s literature from a different perspective. He said that “the tree giving out plenty of fruits gets stoned”. He claimed that Sevim Ak is a victim of such kinds of criticisms. Neydim, while stating in an ironic manner that Sevim Ak’s characters were from real life, claimed that the children she created were doing wonderful things for the children’s literature. Selahattin Dilidüzgün followed Neydim’s speech and said that Sevim Ak talks about difficult topics differently than the traditional discourse. He considers her the only one able to do so ingeniously in Turkish children’s literature.