Bereze Theater adapted the “Lost and Found Bureau” to theater

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Bereze Theater, who adapted Sevim Ak’s book “Lost and Found Bureau” to theater is also staging the play…

The book of Sevim Ak is adapted to stage by Elif Temuçin and Firuze Engin. The actresses, narrators and puppeteers of the play are Firuze Engin, Bilge Gültürk and Güray Dinçol.

The play is based on a pot of geranium left behind in a taxi, spending time with objects she meets in the” Lost and Found Bureau” she is brought into, and the stories of those objects….

“Lost and Found Bureau” is presented in the form of an uncommon sub category of puppet theater called “object theater”, in which daily objects are used as puppets while keeping their original form.