Short stories, 84 pages, 2003, ISBN:978-975-07-0282-4, 7+, Illustrated by Behiç Ak

Stories from the daily life of children in the same neighbourhood. The teller and the protagonist of the stories is a girl about six years old, who tries to learn the world by asking questions. Children who try to get to know the clouds after the string of their kite is broken; children who try to cope with unexpected problems while selling their old books; a little child who cannot tell his problems to the adults and who identifies his tears with rain; the picture made by a small girl who also watched her mother cooking, while she was drawing; the little girl trying to find the most appropriate and affordable gift for Mothers Day; the story of how the fruitless mulberry tree was scared; the disappointment and longing of the child who had to wear the dress made by her mother instead of the one she liked to have...

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