Short stories, 96 pages, 2004, ISBN: 978-975-07-0358-8, 7+, Illustrated by Behiç Ak

There are ten stories in this book each one is narrated by a nine-year old little girl who tells about the experiences of the adults in her neighbourhood. The stories include over ten protagonists: children who try to ease the loneliness of an ex-movie star named Kenan by building a cinema in a woodshed, Hasan the shoe-maker, tries to overcome the longing for his grandson whom he has only seen in photographs, by making boots and toys for him, Nikola the King of Birds, who introduces the other birds to a boy who wishes to fly, the woman who talks with cats and flowers, and whom the children are afraid to go near because they don’t understand her language or manners, the girl who doesn’t know her Aunt Pembe very well because she lives in another town. The girl is afraid of her aunt, who reads horror books, and who can read the girl’s mind with her crystal ball, until one stormy day when they become close friends. Gezgin is another protagonist in the book who recently moved to the neighbourhood, and is greatly admired by all the girls for his dreams of travelling the world with just maps, hiking boots and a knapsack. The book centers around the daily stories of people living in the same neighbourhood.

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