Novel, 168 pages, 2005 ISBN: 978-975-07-0536-X, 7+, Illustrated by Behiç Ak

The most talkative residents of Rotten Egg City are two crows named Tiktak and Tıktık who spend all their days by talking non stop on the top of the gumming tree. Nobody can understand what they are talking and everybody is fed up with their noise. One day, a tourist who is visiting the city decides to observe the crows. He starts to follow Tiktak. Tiktak is sneaking into the houses and offices and he is stealing books, magazines, letters, documents, advertisement brochures and all kind of written things he can find. He keeps his founds in a cavity of the tree and when he meets Tıktık they are reading all those documents and talking about them. At that time they are reading from the hidden files of a small girl. The story of the girl with tomato coloured hair has been cut from a weekly magazine and has been put in a file. The name of the tomato coloured girl is Güneş and she has been living in an orphanage for ten years. People had found her at the door of the orphanage and she has never seen her mother and father.

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