Mobile Experiment Project

For the Mobile Experiment Project, Sevim Ak traveled to 140 regional boarding institutions and 30 village schools in seven years with a team of 33 volunteers from the Association for the Support of Primary Education (İLKYAR). At the schools she visited, she read her stories to children and worked with them to create new stories and retell old ones. She wanted the children to tell their own life stories in addition to the fairy tales they heard at home in their own language. The results of those creative reading and story writing workshops conducted in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia were printed in several installments (in the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) by the French magazine “Lignes D’ecritures”.. Printemps- ete 2002 - Impression sur l’Anatolie Est:Les reves portes dans les legendes, les vies Mai-aout 2003-Les enfants du Lac de Van Mai-aout 2004-Portraits d’enfants de l’est de la Mer noire Afterwards, Ak compiled her memories from her travels to the regional boarding schools in a book titled Children of The Sun.