Creative Reading Series

Creative Reading Series: With her novel titled There is Someone Up in the Sky (Toroslu Publishing, 2005), Sevim Ak participated in the project initiated by The Association in Support of Contemporary Life (ÇGYD), aiming to encourage children to read more and write their own stories. The project was intended to provide an opportunity for children to perceive and internalize what they read and experience, to pro- mote relations between the stories and their own lives, and to look beyond the limits of a story told in a book and recreate it. Ak volunteered for the activities carried out in several schools. Additionally, she donated her personal proceeds from the sale of her book There is Someone Up in the Sky (between 2005-2010) to The As- sociation in Support of Contemporary Life (ÇGYD). About There is Someone Up in the Sky This is the very first book of The Creative Reading Series prepared by The Association in Support of Contem- porary Life (ÇYDD). The aim of The Creative Writing series is to encourage students to read by highlighting the fact that reading is a creative and vital activity. There is Someone Up in the Sky is illustrated by Behiç Ak and edited by Oya Adalı, Nazan İpşiroğlu, Zehra İpşiroğlu and Şeyda Ozil. The workbook is prepared by Nihal Kuyumcu. The Creative Reading Series is based on the constructivist and student-centered learning approach. Teachers can use these books and workbooks as teaching materials for the compulsory “reading sessions” which are in the scope of the new curriculum prepared by The Ministry of National Education (MEB). , Parents who would like their children to be active readers can also benefit from the use of The Creative Reading Series.